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686 White & 687 Clear
CryoLabel® Frost

Cold-temperature polyesters perfect for laboratory applications involving light to moderate frost build-up.

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Wire Labeling

Cable Labels

Improve work efficiency and safety by keeping track of all your cables and wires with cable labels and wire labels!

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Can you imagine trying to put a label on a butterfly wing? Why would anyone do that? And how?

Many people may not realize that Monarch butterflies not only add beauty to our lives, but are critical to the pollination of our flowers and plant life. With a short life span...

Electronic Imaging Materials has been providing barcode labels and bar code printing solutions where durable moisture, heat and solvent resistant bar code labeling is needed for over 20 years. Whether you need consecutively numbered paper, polyester, polyimide and other plastic labels -  or you need a completely integrated barcode printing solution, we can help. We support medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, warehouse, library and industrial tracking applications with hardware, software, supplies, and services. We offer everything from blank labels for thermal transfer, laser and inkjet printers to complete bar code label printing systems.