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LJSL5 vs. LJSL22 Cable Labels

One of the most popular cable identification applications involves marking Category 5 & 6 network cables. The CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables are used for high signal integrity in Ethernet, ATM, telephone and video communications. In the standard twisted 4 pair, these cables have the diameter of a pencil.  

Part#Labels per SheetQuantity per BoxBuy


Replaces LJSL5

4212 sheets / 500 labelsBuy Online


Replaces LJSL5

4260 sheets / 2520 labelsBuy Online


Replaces LJSL22

4853 sheets / 2544 labelsBuy Online

Stock item shipping from Keene, NH. Made in Costa Rica.


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Under most circumstances, you can put your average office laser or inkjet printer to good use and print labels. You will have to adjust the setting however for labels as they are not the same as what you use for regular paper stationery.