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Barcode Asset Labels and Asset Tags

Durable barcode labels for your Assets

Barcode labels for asset tracking and property management are typically encoded with unique identifiers, and in fact, many people compare asset labels to car license plates.  Asset labels and tags are used to keep track of all your valuable assets and property―from office furniture to equipment, tools, computers, fixtures, and much more. Whether you want just your name and a distinct ID number or a complete Rating Plate or Nameplate, we can make Asset labels to fit YOUR needs! 

Choose your own barcode label solution

With or without barcodes, your property identification must be rugged and hold up to all sorts of abuse for the life of your possessions. In order to make sure you have the right label to protect your assets and to deter theft, Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers a solid selection of heavy-duty label options with special adhesives for long-term use under mild to extreme conditions, including abrasion, moisture resistance, chemical and solvent resistance, outdoor and UV light exposure, high temperatures, low temperatures, uneven rough finishes and application to plastic, metal, wood, painted, oily, dirty, or greasy surfaces.

You can choose from Asset Label Materials made of plastic or tough polyesters, as well as Security Asset Labels made with special destructible adhesives and tamper-evident features. For the highest durability, we even have anodized aluminum metal asset tags with your choice of adhesive or drilled holes for mounting. We will work with you to help identify your specific label needs and narrow down your choices so you can quickly test Free Asset Label Samples.  

Property Labels

QuickShip™ Asset Labels

Buy Printed Asset Labels Online

Buying QuickShip™ pre-printed asset labels is a fast, easy way to get premium asset labels and property tags.  Often the total number of labels you need for tagging assets is not extremely large so this is really the best, most economical way to get Asset Labels. Picking from some of our most popular Asset materials, they come in a standard Asset size with or without film lamination and color coding. Find the QuickShip™ Asset Labels to fit your needs on our web store.

If you don't find what you are looking for, we'll create a custom solution for you in any shape or size.  We will even add color-coding for fast recognition and full-color graphics for company logos.

Print Your Own Asset and Property Labels

For those who want to print their own labels but don’t yet have a label printer, we offer affordable and easy-to-setup QuickStart™ Asset Label Printing Systems.

  • Our Thermal Transfer QuickStart™ Asset kit comes complete with a desktop label printer, label software, full instructions and a printing template, as well as labels and printing ribbon. We are here, if you need us, to walk you through the installation process to get you up and printing fast!
  • If you would rather print labels using your own office laser printer, we have two EnLaser QuickStart Kits that are designed for your envelope feeding station. They come with label software and reasonably-sized, affordabily-priced packs of labels and laminate to apply over the labels after they are placed on your assets.

We also offer Asset Label Media Kits for both thermal transfer and laser printers.


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