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Laboratory and Healthcare Barcode Labels

Durable barcode tracking for vials, slides, plates, cassettes, cryogenics & more

Laboratory LabelsElectronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is a leading provider of barcode & labeling solutions for laboratory & healthcare facilities. We've supplied to thousands of universities & institutions that need labels to withstand exposure to various chemicals such as solvents or alcohol. Cold conditions & tight spaces keep peeling labels and ruining your print quality, or maybe you're just sick of handwriting sample info for data tracking?

No problem. For over 25 years, the Label Experts have crafted custom-tailored labeling solutions, unique for your application with the right products & know-how.

For new users, we offer QuickStart™ Laboratory Printing Systems that come complete with everything needed to get started printing your own labels. For everything else, including information on our stock selection, custom soutions, print capabilities & other service, please feel free to contact our Label Experts. We offer free samples and quotes, and we'll work with you through every step to ensure a right choice. If you already know what you're looking for, feel free to visit our store.

Some of our specific applications: 

Slide LabelsSlide Labels
Alcohol-resistant labels, stain-resistant labels, DMSO and xylene-resistant labels. We’ve succeeded in overcoming the difficulties of slide labeling found throughout many labs studying Cytopathology and other related fields.
Paraffin Block LabelsParaffin Cassette Labels
Made to withstand the same chemicals used in Slide accessioning, but also the processing of paraffin-embedded tissue blocks used in Histology and Pathology.
Cryogenic Labels

Cryogenic Labels
Designed to adhere to small, tight diameter vials or any container that endures very cold, cryogenic storage for extended periods of time. Perfect for labs studying Microbiology, Virology, Genetics, Forensics, or other related fields.

Plate LabelsPlate Labels
Specifically engineered to fit on microwell plates, micro assay plates and microtiter plates, hold up to repeated freeze and thaw cycles, and withstand DMSO and other chemicals. Perfect for labs concerned with Drug Discovery and other related fields.
Vial and Bag LabelsVial Labels
From high quality paper to synthetics and durable polyesters, we offer labels for use on test tubes and vials. Perfect for labs dealing with Chemistry, Hematology, and other related fields.

Do you offer blank labels?

Of course! We offer blank labels for direct thermal, thermal transfer and laser printers. Paper, polyester and other durable plastic labels can be left blank for printing in your facility, or come preprinted with any barcode or human readable text. If you're unsure about whether you require pre-printed services or printing in-house is a viable option, check out our printed vs. blank info for more.

Any barcode. Pre-printed or blank, we can help. 

The team at Electronic Imaging Materials has been  a pleasure to work with – friendly & professional.  They have met our needs promptly & delivered  high quality products in short timeframes.

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